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Jesus Gomez – Dealspotr College Couponing Essay

            Everybody can agree that college is a great and exciting time. However, it’s also one of the biggest financial expense of our lives, and many college students must sacrifice the small luxuries simply to get by. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With college couponing, you can stock all your shelves for the small price of a few boring meals at the cafeteria. The purpose of this essay paper is to demonstrate in a simple and concise way both my knowledge in couponing and saving money, while also demonstrating my ability to publish on the web. Likewise, this essay is solely for the application submission of the Couponing in College Scholarship offered by 

            Typically, the majority of college students don’t have their own cars or form of transportation. Many college campuses however are often located near cheap dollar stores and walk-in pharmacies within walking distance. As a college student myself, my favorite stores are Dollar General for their amazing deals and Walgreens because of their great membership savings. Both of these small stores are oftentimes only a short walk from college campuses.

            If you happen to be staying at an apartment or a dorm, mail is typically dropped off in a mailroom. These places are gold mines for coupons; and by taking advantage of all those ignored and discarded coupons you have a chance to save a lot! If coupons aren’t available to you through this way, it doesn’t hurt ask friends, family and even coworkers. In return, consider sharing some of your coupon wealth with them. Surely many will agree that any college student would appreciate some free groceries.

            If you find yourself near a drugstore like Walgreens or CVS it wouldn’t hurt to sign up for their rewards program to constantly get discounts and deals. Many of these pharmacies offer a sign up program online where you have option to either get the card mailed or pick it up yourself. In addition, students should make sure to fill out the rewards account profile on the website, especially the birthday section. Reason being is that a lot of stores like CVS give you a special reward on your birthday free of charge!

            Since most college students have some degree of tech-savviness, downloading digital coupon and saving apps like RetailMeNot or Groupon. Similarly, most super markets have coupon websites that are also pretty easy to understand. However, it also pays to double check and get a glance at the coupons themselves as some have rules written on them. Not to worry though, luckily, the policies at most stores are quite similar to one another, easy to understand, and can be easily accessed online. Bookmark a store’s coupon policy in your mobile browser, take a screenshot of it in case there’s no signal in the store when you need it, or print it out.

            Saving money with coupons might be a little difficult getting used to, but after a while, you’ll soon find it very easy. I find that I spend at least a couple hours a week collecting for the stores I visit most but if you go to more stores, do expect to take significant amount of time. In addition, when you’re in the middle of studying and need a break, coupon clipping is the perfect de-stressor and a great way to get the products you love and still have some spending money later, but remember that academics always come first. Don’t put them aside for any activity. Couponing can save you money now, but a good education will make you a lot more in your future.

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